Английский по скайпу в школе Elanguest

anglijskij-po-skajpuИзучение английского с носителями языка всегда интересно и эффективно, однако зачастую финансово чувствительно. Безусловно, можно говорить о преимуществах и недостатках английского по скайпу. Однако, никто не станет отрицать, что английский по скайпу делает процесс изучения языка доступным и удобным для каждого студента, невзирая на границы, что является доминирующим и предопределяет форму обучения. Английский по скайпу в школе Elanguest преподают на высоком методическом уровне как британские, так и мальтийские преподаватели. Сегодня узнаем у Лары, директора по обучению и учителя по скайпу, как преподают английский по скайпу в школе Elanguest (Мальта) и что важно знать всем, кто хочет начать изучать английский по скайпу.

— Hello everyone! And welcome back to www.blog.englishvoyage.com. Today we’re going to talk about teaching by Skype. And I’m happy to introduce you to Lara — a person who knows a lot about this. Lara, please tell us a little bit about yourself.

— My name is Lara and I’ve been teaching for 6 years now, and I’ve recently been promoted to very close studies at Elanguest. I’ve taught a variety of levels, a variety of courses. And I’ve also recently graduated from university with a degree English teacher in Linguistics.

— What’s difficult about teaching by Skype?

— In the classroom you have a whiteboard where you can give your students materials, you can take your laptop. When you’re using Skype, you are just face to face with many things. If you want your students to work on some exercises, you have to prepare them before, send them, they have to send them back to you — it’s difficult to do it in real time, as you would do in class. I think there’s a little distance. Skype brings a student and a teacher close over a long distance but there’s still a little bit of distance.

— What material do you use and how do you use it?

— Well, normally when I am teaching online, via Skype, it’s more a speaking or interview lesson. if I would have to send them any homework, I send it beforehand, and they send it back to me, which I correct and go through the errors with them — speaking I try to explain. Sometimes we’re talking about a particular grammar point and Skype does give you the facility of typing something else, so we can share links with each other, I can write down difficult words which I think a student may need while talking. That’s something which helps.

— What do you recommend to students who are a bit afraid of starting doing that?

— I don’t think they should be afraid after all. I think that online lessons are a really good way of learning English remotely. Because you’ve got a native speaker, a level speaker. You don’t have to travel — that’s normal when a lot of students travel from Russia, Germany, Italy to here… There’s the travelling time, accommodation; you have to prepare to set off… With Skype you just put it on and just speak it straight off. I think there’s nothing to be afraid of.

— Thank you, Lara, I wish you new creative ideas and new approaches in teaching.

Английский по скайпу в школе Elanguest

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