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A presentation is what you regularly need if you’re working for a company. It is an undeniable fact that making a presentation is a time-consuming process requiring a lot of energy and ideas. A presentation in English is by far even more complicated and stressed. I suggest a few tips to ease your life when preparing a presentation in English.

General overview

englishpresentationBefore you create your own presentation, let’s learn all ins and outs of the best version of a presentation in English. Businesses use presentations to inform, educate, motivate and persuade their audiences. They build presentations into sales, training and internal communication programs, using the power of words and images to engage their audience and retain attention. The process of creating business presentations is exciting and challenging at the same time. It requires you to be informative, structured and entertaining at the same time. You need to learn some useful presentation techniques, analyze them and come up with those which you find the most efficient for you personally. Deep understanding of the topic, knowledge of useful techniques will help you find your own strategy in presenting information. You have to work hard to boost your knowledge on some topics you’re interested in. You will have to read articles, watch videos, listen to audio tracks like interviews with businessmen or any influential and outstanding people, talk to your colleagues, friends to collect the information to be presented. Undoubtedly, you have to learn a set of essential vocabulary to use and captivate your audience — those who you’re going to impress by your presentation.

How to start a presentation in English

1. It’s a good idea to make a critical analysis of some ideas related to making presentations. Keeping a Presentation Diary in English will contribute to your better understanding of how to start a presentation in English. Think about the following points: 1. three things you like about presenting info in English; 2. three things you find challenging when presenting in English; 3. why a presentation in English is an effective tool.

2. Watch a few videos on making a presentation in English. However, take advantage of the tips given in the videos by not merely listening and perceiving the given advice but being ready to make some notes. Make a list of Dos and Don’ts given in the video, analyze which of them are easy to apply for you. For example, I suggest that you watch the video below and read my notes on it. Before watching, answer such a question: «What can and can’t help you make a good presentation in English?» Think about all the possible points and jot down your thoughts on the issue into your Presentation Diary.

Summary of the video key points

1. Speak loudly. Your voice is an excellent tool to influence people, to make them feel comfortable with you, or opposite – uncomfortable. So control your intonation and tones – be serious but friendly at the same time, assess the space in the conference room and remember to test your microphone and speakers.

2. Use a personal story. To connect with listeners, it’s a great idea to use such a story or experience as an example – this way the audience will get closer to you as a personality, therefore, trust will be built.

3. Maintain good eye contact. «When you’re speaking, you’re looking up every sentence or two to make eye contact with someone in the audience». You need to be in eye contact with a few people in the audience. This way you will establish rapport with the listeners easier and quicker, you’ll be able to turn such participants of your presentation in English into your psychological assistants. As soon as you find such people in the room and refer to them during your presentation in English, they will support you with their answers when everyone’s keeping silence, they will react faster to your requests. It’s valuable help for you as a speaker and presenter.

4. Smile. Smiling makes people feel relaxed and calm. A person who is sincerely smiling or even laughing makes other people around him/her experience the same. You surely heard about laughing therapy of 40-50 minute sessions allocated to laugh only. People are easier to perceive information, understand it when they are in a good mood. Be the source of this positive energy when you talk to the audience.

5. Turn off your mobile phone. First, it shows your respect for others. You put the audience at the primary place being present 100% with the listeners. Secondly, you are personally not distracted, you don’t have to think about “Who was calling?”, “What’s happened?” etc. Be fully present with your audience. They will definitely appreciate it.

Techniques for a presentation in English


1. Remember to keep to the following strategy, I call it three Rs: Review, Reread, Rehearse. A presentation in English must be thoroughly prepared. Give yourself enough time to plan it and review your notes, reread a few times your notes. Be sure you have rehearsed your presentation 3-4 times. Moreover, it’s advisable to use a mirror and practise speaking and watching yourself.

2. Add digital elements to make it more interesting for the viewer. Add some images by looking for free online – free photos, graphics and animations.

3. Work with the images – crop, rotate, resize them. Use editor’s software or image editing websites to do that.

4. Add some video and audio, film and record yourself on the phone.

5. Use some relevant software on your computer or online tools: Power Point, Google Slides.

6. Follow these good design principles to succeed.

Practice makes perfect. Try, and try, and try again. I wish you good luck with every presentation in English you’re going to create.

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