Business English. Speaking Topics

Business English Speaking Topics — a list of actual topics which teachers of English discuss with their students at the English lessons.

  1. How important is it for a business or organisation to formulate a strategy?
  2. When are you most creative?
  3. Do you think that your job will be «a job for life»? Why?
  4. What are the benefits to a company of doing business online?
  5. Are you concerned about Internet security and using your credit card to purchase goods online?
  6. In what ways can a company make an unpopular job more attractive in order to retain employees?
  7. How often do you shop online?
  8. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a family business?
  9. Would you like to be self-employed? Why? Why not?
  10. What should one do to get ahead in their career?
  11. Which type of company do you think treats their staff better — small family companies or big international ones?
  12. How would you feel if your company asked you to move to a different country to help your career?
  13. Is making money the only thing a company should be concerned about? If not, what else should companies be concerned about?
  14. Do you think it would be a good idea if all barriers to trade were removed from the world and people could freely export and import without customs duties or any other problems? What impact would such a change have?
  15. If your region/country were an apple-growing region, for instance, would you be willing to pay more for locally-grown apples than for imported ones?
  16. «Protectionism» refers to the practice of putting up trade barriers such as import duties so as to reduce or prevent the importation of goods from poorer countries and protect higher cost industries in more developed nations. What do you think of the morality of excluding goods from poor or developing countries?
  17. Is it small or big companies that can adapt more quickly to changes in the market place?
  18. Is there a difference between buying shares in the stock exchange and gambling?
  19. Do you think that some companies should be «bailed out» (given money) by governments? Under what circumstances should this happen?
  20. Which businesses do you think have the worst customer service?
  21. A certain level of stress can be positive. Can you think of any cases where stress can be useful or even necessary?
  22. Describe your first day in this company.
  23. What do you like most about this job?
  24. What’s your best friend’s job? What does it involve?
  25. Would you prefer to work flexi time or fixed hours? Why?
  26. What is your greatest strength and weakness?
  27. Would you prefer to be a freelance worker or employed with a fixed salary?
  28. Should staff be allowed to organize their own work?
  29. What fears make people work hard?
  30. In what ways can leaders win the respect of their subordinates?
  31. Do you think there is a secret to successful leadership?
  32. Is life inside an organisation in any way similar to life inside a family?
  33. How has the quality of life changed in your country over the last five years?
  34. Why do people buy brands?
  35. Would you like to work in an international company? Why?
  36. Give some reasons why people borrow money from a bank.
  37. Describe your ideal working place.
  38. What are the qualities of an ideal boss?
  39. What are the qualities of an ideal colleague?
  40. If you had enough money and didn’t have to work at all, what job would you like to do?
  41. Is there a difference between a leader and a manager?
  42. What kind of advertisement do you like?
  43. What do you enjoy/don’t enjoy about business trips?
  44. Why is cultural awareness important for business people?
  45. What do you understand by business ethics?
  46. Think of a product or service that you have complained about. Say what the problem was and whether it was solved.
  47. Does globalization increase competition among companies? Why?
  48. What are the most important innovations for you in your daily life?
  49. How competitive are you?
  50. What makes a good/bad leader?
  51. Are you responsive to changes at work? Give an example.
  52. What makes a good presentation?
  53. What advice would you give an overseas speaker about to give a presentation in your country?
  54. What do you understand by «coaching» and «mentoring»?
  55. What kinds of courses are you considering going in the near future?
  56. What do you think are the advantages of doing an MBA online?
  57. When was the last time you negotiated? What was the outcome?
  58. Which public services especially need to be improved in your country?
  59. Which sources of energy are generally considered to be environmentally friendly?
  60. What alternatives are there to petrol-driven cars?
  61. Do you think there is an acceptable work-life balance in your country or is there a corporate «work-all-hours» culture?
  62. Why are there sometimes problems when people write e-mails to each other?
  63. Which business sectors are doing well/badly at the moment?
  64. Which work sectors are currently experiencing a high turnover of staff in your country?
  65. Which business sectors and companies would you consider investing in nowadays. Why?
  66. Why do you think companies sometimes take on external consultants?
  67. What goods and services do you buy online?
  68. Which websites do you use most frequently? Why?
  69. Would you like to run your own business? Why?
  70. Do you think there is likely to be a reduction in the working week in the foreseeable future?

Business English Speaking Topics for Business English teachers and students.

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70 Business English Speaking Topics

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