A number of/ the number of/ amount of

number Какую фразу выбрать — A number of/the number of/amount of? Для студентов уровня Intermediate и ниже это, как правило, всегда проблема. И это неудивительно — одинаковый перевод обеих фраз вводит в заблуждение. Сегодня рассмотрим эти выражения и научимся правильно их употреблять в речи.

a number of the number of amount of
некоторое количество, несколько число, количество количество, величина, степень
Meaning, usage/
Значение, употребление

This expression is always used to indicate more than one of something and therefore takes a plural noun and a plural verb

This expression always takes a plural noun followed by a singular verb because the expression is used to refer to the exact number that makes up a collection or a group. It is used when the exact number is more important than just the fact that there were many.

‘number’ is for countable nouns ‘amount’ is for uncountable nouns
DON»T SAY: a big number or a big amount. Use large /considerable /substantial.
a large amount of work —
много работы;
considerable amount —
значительное количество
enormous /huge /large /tremendous amount —
огромное количество
moderate amount —
умеренное количество
negligible /paltry /small amount —
ничтожно мало

A number of people were injured in the explosion.

The number of burglaries has risen.

There is a considerable amount of discussion.

Задание. Дополните предложения одной из фраз: ‘a number of’ или ‘the number of’. Ответы, как всегда, смотрите ниже.

  1. We had quite ….. things to discuss.
  2. ….. questions were raised.
  3. ….. plants in each plot was 25.
  4. ….. cities have more than ten million inhabitants.
  5. ….. surveys have been carried out.
  6. ….. private cars is increasing rapidly.
  7. ….. people lined up for tickets was four hundred.
  8. ….. suggestions were made.
  9. There are ….. important announcements in the bulletin.
  10. Here is ….. milk shakes you requested.
  11. ….. people we need to hire is ten.
  12. …..people have written in about this subject.
  13. ….. people were present.
  14. ….. candidates for the position was large.
  15. …..candidates were applying for the position.
  16. ….. people moving to the UK is increasing.
  17. ….. law firms have moved from the USA.
  18. ….. participants was greater in summer than in winter.
  1. a number of
  2. а number of
  3. the number of
  4. а number of
  5. а number of
  6. the number of
  7. the number of
  8. a number of
  9. a number of
  10. the number of
  11. the number of
  12. a number of
  13. a number of
  14. the number of
  15. a number of
  16. the number of
  17. a number of
  18. the number of

A number of/ the number of/ amount of

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